Complete Filmed Production

Every word of every scene is filmed and performed by professional Shakespearean actors, so you can watch as you read, for easier and better comprehension.

Full Performance Control

You can start, stop, rewind and fast forward at will, jump to any line of the play, or repeat any line, section, scene or act, for better understanding.

Complete Text

Accurately compiled text from sources including the first folio of 1623 and the Globe edition of 1866.

Full Modern Translation

Each act and scene has a guidance text version in modern English just one tap away, in a popover window.

Scene by Scene Synopses

Things can get complex in Shakespeare’s plays. Get a quick synopsis at the start of each scene, to remind you what’s going on, and who is who.

Pop-Up Descriptions

Still confused? In addition to the scene synopsis, a pop up function lets you remind yourself of who’s who at the start of every scene.

On-page Annotations

Highlight text, add notes, then share them with others, or print them out for your own use.

Create Study Flashcards

Take your notes, and turn them into easy to use study cards. Reviewing was never so easy.

Embedded Social Media

Easily share your notes, or just specific thoughts, with teachers or friends, using the built in Twitter, text message, email, or Facebook functions

WordPlay Shakespeare Features

Built in Dictionary

Need to look up a word that you aren’t sure about? Double tap the word, and see the dictionary definition right on the screen.

Whole Play Search Function

Need to check through the whole play for examples of images, colors, ideas, or specific words? Use the built in whole text search function.

When we read a Shakespeare play, we find it hard to understand - the language is old, and the text is really a performance script for actors, not a text for readers. Shakespeare expected his plays to be seen and heard, not read - so naturally, we struggle to understand his words on a page.

Yet when we attend a performance, we also experience difficulties - again because the language is old, moves fast, and contains many layers of meaning.

Here are some thoughts from a middle and high school teacher, the director, and the publisher, on why the WordPlay TM series can greatly improve reader/viewer comprehension and enjoyment.

Why WordPlay Shakespeare?

“There are few names on high school reading lists that inspire more fear and dread than William Shakespeare. WordPlay Shakespeare is a study aid that pairs text with videos of professional Shakespearean actors performing the same plays.” More