WordPlay™ Shakespeare

Now, Half the Page is a Stage...

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For Educators

Are you teaching Shakespeare this year? Join teachers from nine states who now use WordPlayTM Shakespeare eBooks in their classrooms. The plays are available in two formats:
  • For iPad and Mac in iBooks format.
  • For any device - Tablet, PC, large smart phone, you name it - with a browser and internet connection.
  • Schools use WordPlay™ ebooks through a licensing system, which ranges from $2 to $7 per student, depending on the number of licenses per school.

Contact us directly to find out more:
Email: schoolsales@thenewbookpress.com
Individual Sales

Our eBooks are also available for download on iPad and Mac. Our three titles contain the full text of each play, a full modern English translation, and a full filmed performance next to the text. Other features include note taking functions, full text search, and a built-in dictionary. Click on the book covers below to go to the iBookstore. Each eBook is $19.99.
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