WordPlay™ Shakespeare

Now, Half the Page is a Stage...

The Doctor is In...

David Tennant
England's David Tennant is considered a wide ranging and talented performer, and after making his name in the iconic Dr. Who Sci Fi series, went on to reprise several Shakespeare roles. Here, he answers Stephen Colbert's question — why Shakespeare?

Dictators Directing (and Other Nuggets)

Dictators 2

There are many "little known fact" lists about Shakespeare on the web, but this one had some delightful (and awful) revelations, including the fact that one of the 20th Century's most notorious dictators and mass murderers wanted to put on a Shakespeare production. Can you guess the dictator, and his chosen play? Read on!

Dying to see...Shakespeare?

A wonderful collection of vignettes about Shakespeare and New York City, including the infamous Astor Place Riots of 1849, when it seems people really cared about their Shakespeare, to the point of killing each other…


654x504 Rude
Siobhan Thompson shows how to mobilize Shakespeare's language to proper effect. Funny, and erudite!